wear-resisting Bearing Sint C10

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Product name Bronze Bearing Bush Style Sleeve, Flanged,Spherical,etc
Material Powder metal Density 6.4-7.3 g/cm³
Size inner 3-120mm Place of origin Zhejiang,China(mainland)
Specification: Standard tolerance of inside diameter G7 Standard tolerance of outside diameter S7 Recommend shaft tolerance f7/g6 Recommend housing tolerance H7 Physical properties: =>Chemical Composition: CuSn6Zn6Pb3, Cu90Sn10,CuSn6Zn6Pb0,Fe,Cu-Fe =>Working Temperature: Between -100 with +200 =>Density & Gravity: 6.4-7.5g/cm3 =>Oil Impregnation Rate: 18% - 23% =>Graphite content Rate: 1% - 3%Max =>Hardness: HB30-75 for Bronze ; HB 35-150 for Iron Advantages: Bronze Bearing Bush is made of high quality materials, good quality and long service life Can effectively resist aging and wear Good fixing and positioning function, no displacement due to vibration when the machine is running Good sliding effect, not only can effectively protect the bearings, but also allow the bearings to run efficiently and without obstacles Why choose us We can provide you with the best products, at the same time the price is better than similar products, our purpose is to make customers satisfied, give customers the best product experience and service

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