irregular part metallurgy application accessories

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powder metallurgy parts


Fe, Cu, FeCu alloy, stainliee steel, graphite


Sleeve, Flanged,Spherical,Miniature,Trust Washer, Rod


1) inner 3-70mm, also can according to your request


inner packing: plastic bag
outer packing: carton, pallet


Oil-impregnated; Self-lubricating
Wear resistant and long life service
High performance bearing can be in extreme load, low speed reciprocating and oscillating applications
Good thermal conductivity property
Can be used in dirty and corrosive environment
Noise much less than other bearing
Suitable for high static load
Can be applied in widely temperature
Excellent corrosion resistance
Specification: Standard tolerance of inside diameter G7 Standard tolerance of outside diameter S7 Recommend shaft tolerance f7/g6 Recommend housing tolerance H7 Oil bearing is used in many kinds of mechanical equipment, such as motor industry, steam and friction industry, household appliance industry, digital products, office equipment, electric tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery and other kinds of machinery and equipment. Generally speaking, powder metallurgy oil bearing is made of raw material, pressed, sintered, reshaped and immersed in oil. Most of the machines nowadays are highly automated. The daily output is relatively large, most products can be formed at a time, so the larger the batches, the better the production. Now, if we use fewer moulds, we may make hundreds of thousands of them. But the cost of mold is relatively high, so it will not be done if there is a lot of volume, and the time to change the mold is also long. Generally speaking, powder metallurgy oil bearing can be formed at one time, basically without cutting. Cost is lighter than machine processing, material waste is less, and price is cheaper. It is also consistent with the national policy of promoting energy conservation. Therefore, it is considered to be a technology that will not outdated. The base of powder metallurgy bearing oil bearing has been filled with lubricating oil in the vacuum immersion method, and the lubricating oil will exudate to the running surface because of the temperature rise and pump suction in operation, so it can be used in the situation of not adding the lubricating oil.

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