Powder Metallurgy Rotor Made in China

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Fe, Cu, FeCu alloy, stainliee steel, graphite


Sleeve, Flanged,Spherical,Miniature,Trust Washer, Rod


1) inner 3-70mm, also can according to your request


inner packing: plastic bag
outer packing: carton, pallet

Physical Properties

Specific load capacity static: 10 N/mm²
Specific load capacity dynamic: 5 N/mm²
Sliding speed: 6.0 [ m/s ]
Friction value: 0,05 to 0,20 [ µ ]
Temperature strain: -40 to +200 [ °C ]
Max. Pv - value: 1.6 [ N/mm² x m/s ]
Bronze Bushing Hardness: HB 30-145
Surface Roughness:0.8-1.6
Yield Stength: 15,000 PSI
Elongation: 1%
" K" Strength Constent(PSI): 26,500
Oil Centent: 18-22% (V)
Density: 6.4-7.3 g/cm³
Specification: Standard tolerance of inside diameter G7 Standard tolerance of outside diameter S7 Recommend shaft tolerance f7/g6 Recommend housing tolerance H7 Application field Powder metallurgy related enterprises is mainly applicable to the automotive industry, equipment manufacturing industry, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instruments and meters, hardware tools, electronic appliances and other parts in the field of production and research and related raw materials, auxiliary materials, production of various kinds of powder preparation, sintering equipment manufacturing equipment.Products include bearings, gears, carbide cutting tools, molds, friction products and so on.In the military industry, heavy weapons such as piercing shells, torpedoes, etc., etc., are required to be produced by powder metallurgy technology.Powder metallurgy auto parts have become the largest market in China's powder metallurgy industry in recent years. About 50% of auto parts are powder metallurgy parts.

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